November 2021 Coeur d'Alene Area Real Estate Market

168 properties were listed for sale. That is down 13.8% compared to November 2020.

250 properties sold in the month of November

Average Days on Market in November was 62

Sellers received an average of 99% of the list price

.8 months of inventory in November

The average sales price in November was $624,641


Year to date- 3093 previously owned properties have sold in Kootenai County. 3365 had sold through November 2020. That is -8.1% from the previous year.

Inventory is up 2.4% from 3808 properties listed compared to 3718 November 2020.

Home values have increased 37.5% year to date from the previous year.

It is still considered a sellers market and sellers are receiving an average of 101% of the list price year to date.

Even in a seller's market, there are ways to capture more out of your home's value. Don't leave money on the table. Call me to discuss tips and tricks to prepare your home to capture every cent and get favorable terms. 


Laurel Jonas- REALTOR®

Northwest Realty Group

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