How to Envision a New Home to Accommodate Your Home Office

How to Envision a New Home to Accommodate Your Home Office

If you have a business from home then you know that this can come with certain benefits as well as a few disadvantages if not planned properly. For example, if your business is growing faster than you thought it would and you haven't catered for this change in time, you might find yourself facing the dilemma of having to upgrade your home or move to a new home to accommodate your thriving business. Here's how to determine what steps you need to take when considering both of these options.

What will the finances look like?

Suppose you decide that the better option is to sell now and use the profits to purchase bigger accommodation. Then you have to start off with getting your current property appraised to see what the market value is for it and what opportunity it presents when it comes to making a profit off of the sale. 

Looking at potential properties

Since your new living quarters are going to look different from what you're living in right now, it might take a bit of time to find your ideal property. Factors you might want to consider when searching for a bigger home might include a separate office area, ample parking, a separate entryway and exit, sufficient power, and an adequate plumbing system in place if you have to have an extra bathroom for customers or clients. Since the search for your ideal property might be quite extensive, enlisting a realtor to help you with the research process might be an easier option, as they will have access to a database of properties that might meet your criteria more closely. 208HomesForSale can help you narrow down your search quite considerably if you are looking for suitable properties in the North Idaho area.

Crossing of the legal to-dos

Once you find the home of your dreams you need to find out if operating a business from home is permissible. Here, you would be looking into what the zoning law says to start an LLC in Idaho from your home by contacting your local municipality. You may also need to apply for additional licenses or certificates depending on the industry you're in. Apart from this, the next step would be to register your home business as such. This is particularly important because different states will usually have different filing requirements  (that is, if you intend to move out of state). If costs are an issue for you, you could register your business yourself with a federal agency. Or you can choose to bypass all this effort and use a formation service to do all this leg work on your behalf.

Marketing your home-based business

Having a solid marketing plan in place is going to help your business build a name for itself quickly. This is especially important for a home-based business as you might not have the visibility you would have in an office block, for example. One of the ways you can put your best foot forward is by adding a banner to your website to catch the attention of visitors as they land on your site. With an online banner maker, you can make use of the templates provided and just add your own twist to them depending on the colors, animation, and videos you want, including the text you want to highlight.

The above pointers should hopefully guide you in the right direction if you feel like the time is now to make that move for the success of your business. Researching as much as you can about what you want in a property versus what you don't want is also going to help you reach a conclusion much quicker.


Written by Seth Murphy

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